Why students should be encouraged to study abroad?

Gain a better understanding of global affairs that can benefit you for the rest of your life. Cal State LA students who return home from their study abroad experiences are able to transfer their thoughts and experiences to solve common problems in everyday life, their communities and the world. Study abroad enables students to focus on a field of study and/or career path, and to demonstrate strong collaborative and communication skills to both personal and professional interactions. Units earned abroad can apply toward your degree at Cal State LA. Financial Aid can also be applied towards your study abroad experience. Explore our many study abroad options and attend a study abroad information session to learn more!

These are just some of the benefits of Study Abroad:

  • Students experience new cultures by immersing themselves in it.
  • Students make lasting friendships with people based in many different countries.
  • Studying abroad helps students gain independence.
  • Employers look for graduates with soft skills such as adaptability, relationship building, communications, self-esteem, resilience and confidence, gained through study abroad.
  • Study abroad can help students focus on a field of study and/or career path.
  • Students who study abroad are more likely to graduate and on time.
  • Study abroad provides students with cross-cultural awareness, a critical 21st century skill.
  • Study abroad is not just about fun; it is a serious, intellectual, emotional and psychological experience.
  • Time spent in other countries deepens students’ appreciation for the many different ways that other societies approach common problems.

As soon as you know you’re interested, here are a few things to help you start the process:

  • Go to a Study Abroad Information Session.
  • Research Cal State LA programs.
  • Meet with advisors and mentors
  • Set goals and start saving for your expenses.
  • Research scholarships.
  • Get your passport: Passport website
  • Get involved in Cal State LA’s international community.
  • Research the consulate’s office and tourist bureau for your host country.

For more information on Study Abroad you can visit the International Office website.