Getting Ready for Fall Semester 2016: What to know!

Fall semester is around the corner and classes start on August 22. As students are getting ready for the semester here is what you can do as parents and guardians to make sure they are definitely ready for the first day of classes.

Important Semester Dates:

August 22 Fall classes begin
September 5 Labor Day, University closed
November 11 Veterans Day, University closed
November 23 Finals Study Day, no classes
November 24-27 Thanksgiving Holiday, University closed
December 6-10 Final Examinations
December 16 Fall semester ends

The Health Center

The Student Health Center provides high-quality, affordable health care and health education for the students of Cal State LA to preserve and enhance their potential for academic success and personal development. It also seeks to serve as the primary health resource for the University and health advocate for the campus community.

The Student Health Center is a wonderful resource for students on campus and we encourage students to use their Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) when semester and class stress can become too much to handle.

For more information about the services the Health Center provides you can checkout their website at Student Health Center.

Preparing for the first day of class

The first day of class can be nerve wracking and a little stressful, so here are some things you can help your students do to be ready for Day 1!

  1. Make sure that your student knows where their classes are and the times when the classes start.
  2. Having a physically printed copy of the schedule of classes is a great way to make sure if technology fails your students can still access their class times and locations.
  3. If you can do a run through a couples day before classes start to make sure you know where you are going ahead of time.
  4. Parking is always busy during the first couple weeks of the semester, be prepared to arrive at least an hour before your class is meant to start.

New Student and Parent Programs

For more information on upcoming events for New Students and Parents feel free to visit our website at New Student and Parent Programs.

Thank you for choosing to be a part of the Golden Eagle Family! We are so excited to welcome you to our campus and Cal State LA community!